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March 24, 2009

Time for a Change

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Just a quick note to let you all know my last day on Sewing Divas will be March 31;  I may squeeze in a few blog posts till then.   It’s been fun and as of today you can catch me on my new sewing blog CoudreMODE.  



March 15, 2009

A New Old Idea

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em-modelingnew-dressAbout two week ago I bought this dress; I really loved it and it looked great on me even though it had a makeup stain on the shoulder.  The store gave me an additional 10% off and a little Shout took care of the makeup stain.  One thing I noticed after I wore it to work is that I put a fresh makeup stain on it, and I think it’s because this dress has a side zipper.  Then I remembered that dress shops used to have on hand dress hoods, which allow you to put a dress over your head and keep makeup off the fabric.   My dress form doesn’t have a head so you see my daughter Emma being a good sport and modeling it for us.  This is just a bag with a drawstring, I used some scraps of china silk and silk organza but really you make these out of all kinds of remnants – I think lace or tulle would be pretty too.

I’m Starting a New Personal Sewing Blog

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…and ditching my old blog “Obesssed With Embellishment”… (more…)

January 25, 2009

True Colors: Don’t Trust That Monitor

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pantoneLast week I bought a Pantone Color Guide and it’s amazing how useful it is. Savvy fabric websites like Emma One Sock and Gorgeous Fabrics already use Pantone color numbers in their fabric descriptions, and I hope this becomes a standard for all fabric and sewing trim websites (are you listening, M&J Trim and  I love on-line fabric shopping, but frankly, for fabric selection you should not trust the colors displayed on your monitor, especially for reds and blues, which have a huge range of color, saturation and hue.  It’s so much easier to be confident of  a color when you can look it up in  your Pantone Guide to really get an accurate sense of what it looks like.  The Pantone Shopping Color  Guide ($19.95) is the version you want, other Pantone color decks are pricey ($100+) and are really intended for design professionals. Once caveat: Pantone seems to hide this on their web site, and will ship it only within the US and Canada.  Els asked me to get one for her, and the shipping to Europe ended up being more than a third of the price, so I suspect that’s why this is a US/Canada only item on the US Pantone web site.  Pantone’s color system is a global standard however, I googled “Pantone UK” and “Pantone Germany” and got web sites for each, so with some perseverance you might find this outside the US.

January 21, 2009


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Cidell asked me what I thought of Aretha’s hat.  Well this is why it was such a stunning choice.  Now just imagine that you are in the audience at this momentous occasion.  Imagine what those huge (12mm) Swarovski stones look like in the bright winter sun.  Imagine being so far away that you can’t actually see her, but you can hear that voice and the rhinestones are flashing in your eyes while she’s singing.   You cry because they are so bright and it hurts but also because of the emotion in the moment.   Aretha was the Statute of Liberty, her brilliant hat was her crown and the microphone was her torch.


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