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March 18, 2011

Leather Fashion Design

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Sewing a leather garment does take some sewing techniques different from sewing with fabric.

If you would like to learn more about leather made garments this book  “Leather Fashion Design” by  Francesca Sterlaccican help you gain a lot of knowledge.

I ordered this book last year from and I am very pleased with this book.

This book was  published September 2010,

isbn 9781856696715

You can see lots of sample pages and the content from the publisher see for examples

I took some pics from my book :

I have some other books about  leather sewing in my library but

this one stands out because it is a modern book and shows several ways step by step to make a shirt, pair of trousers and a jacket.

And shows beautiful made Designer garments plus a lot of information which could benefit a professional designer , it shows creating a design tech spec sheet too.

For anyone who is interested to sew a leather garment and needs to know how to make a shirt, jacket or pants this is a book you should consider buying.

Of course there are different ways to sew a leather garment but to get you started this book is useful because it shows  you to learn sewing different techniques.

July 15, 2010

Technical Drawing For Fashion

Technical Drawing for Fashion (Portfolio Skills Fashion & Textiles)

Author: Basia Szutnicka

Technical Drawings: Ayako Koyama

Publisher: LaurenceKing in association with Central Martins College of Art&Design

ISBN number: 978185669618

Type of binding: Paperback

Number of pages: 234 with 850  illustrations plus a CD-Rom with templates

Size 11x 8 1/2 inch

Price: UK £ 22.50  US $ 35.00

TSD received an email from the publisher if we were interested in reviewing this book. 

The publisher Laurence King is in the UK and I am also from Europe so I responded that I was interested but would like to do an independent, honest unbiased review about the quality of the book since I would receive the book for free.

This book is fairly new (press release was on April 2010) and in my possession for some time but due to all kinds of errands I had no time to do a post till now.

I really like the book and find it a comprehensive book. I do not work in the fashion industry and use only sketches and never made a technical drawing. But this book is a great way to learn how to make technical drawings if you are a student or work in the fashion industry.

You can see the difference between a sketch, fashion illustration and a technical drawing,which I scanned from the book.

A sketch is a design idea, the fashion illustration a look how a specific garment looks like on a body.

The technical drawing shows all the construction details that are involved in the production process.

 Georgene did a post about Technical Drawings vs. Fashion Illustration

The book is not about fashionable clothes but gives you a comprehensive inside how to draw technical drawings for garments by hand or by using Adobe Illustrator.

The second part of the book shows over 250 technical drawings of all kind of garment styles and construction details, the key basic shapes are shown together with a picture of the sewed toile in fabric. ( a toile is a French word and is a test garment sewed in fabric in bleached cotton) 

For example Skirt Key basic shapes which you can see in this book are:  Pencil Skirt/Fitted Skirt/Sheath Skirt, straight Skirt, A-Line Skirt, Circular Full Circle Skirt, Gathered Skirt, Pleated Skirt.

 The technical drawings of these skirts front and back view together with a picture of the skirts on a dressmodel.

 Plus technical drawings of skirt variations front and back views : Dirndl, Gored, Wrap/Wrapover, Sarong/Pareo, Tiered/Peasant, Handkerchief hem/Irregular hem,  Asymetric, Puffball/Bubble/Baloon, Skating skirt, Kilt, Skort, Peg/Pegged Hobble skirt.

You can see pages of the book via the publisher website

Since I have no other books with this subject to compare with, I cannot tell you if this book is a useful addition to your library but based on this book alone I would buy it if I needed the skills to learn how to draft technical drawings or working in the fashion industry.

Contents of the book:

Part 1:


Illustration in the fashion process

How and where are technical drawings used

How to make a technical fashion drawing

Drawing from a garment

Technical drawing by hand using the generic template

Technical drawing from the generic template-using illustrator

Speed design using illustrator

Hints and tips

Style details

Part 2:

Visual directory of styles and details








Styling details







            Construction details

            Design details

            Decorative design details




            Fastening /Hardware

 Index and resources

 The CD-Rom contains all the templates.

 !   Full-Size Figure Template

2   Teenage & Plus Size Figure Template

3   Fitted Dress/Tube/Sheath (page 64)

4   Shift Dress/Tank/Chemise (page 66)

5   A-Line Dress (page 68

6   Pencil Skirt/Fitted Skirt/Sheath Skirt (page 76)

7   Straight Skirt (page 78)

8   A-Line Skirt (page 81)

9   Circular Full Circle Skirt (page 82)

10 Gathered Skirt (page 84)

11 Pleated Skirt (page 86)

12 Legging (page 92)

13 Drainpipe/Skinny/Cigarette Pant/Stovepipe (page 94)

14 Straight Trouser (page 96)

15 Tapered Trouser (page 98)

16 Bellbottom/Flare (page 100)

17 Camisole/Strappy Vest (page 112)

18 Vest/Tank Top (page 114)

19 Tunic (page 116)

20 T-Shirt/Tee (page 118)

21 Shirt (page 120)

22 Classic Single Breasted Jacket (page 128)

23 Classic Double Breasted Jacket (page 130)

24 Casual Unstructured Jacket (page 132)

25 Classic Single Breasted Coat (page 140)

26 Classic Double Breasted Coat (page 142)

27 Casual Unstructured Coat (page 144)

 You can read an editorial review at

 I totally agree with the above editorial review.

Back Cover:

February 8, 2009

Draping. Art and Craftsmanship in Fashion Design

Draping. Art and Craftsmanship in Fashion Design (English)















Moulage. Kunst en Vakmanschap in Modevormgeving (Dutch)


Author: Annette Duburg, Rixt van der Tol

Publisher:  d’JongeHond

ISBN number for the English book:   978-90-89100-87-0

ISBN number for the Dutch book:  978-90-89100-86-3

Type of binding: Paperback

Number of pages: 248 page with 1000 illustrations

Weight:  869 gramme

Price: Euro € 39,95


Take a look inside this book at:

Christian Dior 1952 Moulage

Christian Dior 1952 Moulage

This is THE most fantastic and thorough reference book about moulage and draping.  It is a new book published November 2008 and I bought this book in December 2008 .  I bought of course the Dutch version called Moulage Kunst en Vakmanschap in Modevormgeving.

But it is also translated into English as Draping  Art and Craftsmanship in Fashion Design.  This book is like having a private teacher on hand in moulage and draping technique.  It is chock full of very clear pictures and diagrams which will guide you through each step. It covers the history but also the present and will teach you how to make 3 dimensional patterns by using a dress form.

There are 1000 pictures which help you to achieve to moulage/draping patterns. It not only teaches you how to make a bodice, skirt, dress, jacket , coat and pants etc but also variations on those garments.

Additionally, the book shows you how to make a moulage pattern which mimics some famous designer outfits; on page 160-243 it covers 12 famous designer outfits and what to do to get a similar look.  The 12 designers outfits examples are from Charles Frederick Worth, Cristoff von Drecoll, Madeleine Vionnet, Madame Grès, Christian Dior ( 2), André Courèges, Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, Yohji Yamamoto .

This book is a must have for anyone who wants to know and learn more about  moulage.  I have several moulage/draping books both in Dutch as well as in English  but this is the most comprehensive and I can without question recommend this book to you as a valuable addition to your sewing library.

pleated skirt

pleated skirt


pictures source publisher DeJongeHond

I searched for a link where you can order this book in English and found a Belgium website where you can order this book. For international orders you can sent an email to inquire, click at the button “Enquiry” at the top of the above link.

Barbara added the  index for the English book see comment 21 below.



I contacted the publisher for some more information about translation on their website for this book in English and also for ordering this book.

You can order this book in English or Dutch via the  publisher  see below

email sent to 

For ordering they need the following information:

-the book title,

-how many books,

-your name and address,

– if your credit card has a different address please share this information too 

De Jonge Hond publisher can ship this book to you for € 10,00 to Europe and € 20,00 for outside Europe destinations.

 Or you can order this book from the US from center for pattern design  



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