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September 15, 2006

Clothing Labels

Filed under: Business Tools,Notions — Gigi @ 11:42 am

Diva Ann has the most beautiful custom labels from that she sews into her creations. If I’m not mistaken, so does Diva Phyllis. I would love to have some made but haven’t come up with any kind of thrilling design for them yet. As a girl, I always used interlocking Gs as my signature but that’s no good as I think the people at Gucci might take issue with that!

I don’t use labels that often but they are nice to have around. For years I’ve been purchasing my labels from Heirloom Woven Labels. The quality is excellent, the minimums are small and the prices very low. Here are just a few of the labels I’ve had made over the years, all are from Heirloom except for the white iron on label I use in my business – those come from Sterling Name Tape. Sterling Name Tape also manufactures woven labels similar to those from Heirloom although I haven’t tried them. I noticed that the iron-on labels are not on their website – I guess you’ll have to contact them directly to order. I use them on the inside of my athletic uniforms and they stay put through years of hard wear and washing.

If you are interested in woven size, care or content labels, you can find those at Heirloom Woven as well.


  1. Hey Diva Ann, tried to post to your blog re: the family deal but it’s only open to bloggers. Please consider opening to “others”. I have no desire to blog at this time and so will not be setting up a blogger account.

    Sorry to highjack your post Gigi, hopefully to address it I’ll mention that I used the label company that advertises in Vogue patterns. Nice quality, low minimums.

    Comment by nanflan — September 15, 2006 @ 5:41 pm

  2. Very timely, I just happen to need a small quantity of custom labels. Thanks, Gigi….PS I don’t think Gucci can object if you design your own double G’s and make it a different font, etc. It is after all, your name!

    Comment by Georgene — September 15, 2006 @ 5:41 pm

  3. Gigi-

    I think that label is adorable and simple, the one that just says Gigi. Cute!


    Comment by Carolyn D — September 16, 2006 @ 1:03 am

  4. I think Georgene is right – there was a woman in my intellectual property class named Sephora and we came to the same conclusion!

    Comment by Phyllis — September 16, 2006 @ 4:54 am

  5. Maybe I’ll do just that! If it looked designery enough maybe I’d actually sew them into my clothing. Another thought I had was mirror-imaging my signature (remember how we used to do that as kids?) – Tuleh’s labels are like that and look very cool. Carolyn, those simple GIGI labels are ones I recently had made to put inside my purses. So glad you like them.

    Comment by Gigi — September 16, 2006 @ 5:49 am

  6. Gigi, I used to use Heirloom and Sterling before I decided to get my logo done and buy labels in bulk. I loved both of them, and in fact I still have a bunch of labels from them. Back then I called my sewing self “AES Couture – Boston, Bonaire”. Maybe I’ll dig those out and use them on my next project!

    Nanflan, I’ll re-open it. I got some anonymous hate comments on a post I did, and that prompted me to ban anonymous quotes. (Sorry Gigi, I just wanted to answer this)

    Comment by Gorgeous Things — September 16, 2006 @ 6:12 am

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