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June 8, 2006

Carnivale of the Couture #21 – Ritual Cloth

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by Diva Phyllis 

For many of us fashion bloggers, the latest styles and upcoming trends are an exciting and endless source of interest. And yet for all its supposed superficiality, the meaning of fashion, and our attachment to it, goes much deeper than mere trends or seasonal change. Each of us has memories, sometimes tender, sometimes not, of particular garments or accessories that evoke strong feelings and attachments. So this weeks Carnivale of the Couture topic is “Ritual Cloth” – tell us about your special item, the story behind it and why it transcends mere fashion for you.

It can be that special pair of super fantastic shoes that filled you with such confidence that you aced a much desired job interview. It can be that vintage Hermes scarf that your grandmother owned and has such meaning that you just couldn’t cut it up and the Project Runway judges slammed you for it. It can be the dress you made in 24 hours for the funeral of a beloved family member. It can be a Garfield tie your father wore (Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 18th – don’t forget Dad and the Significant Men in
your life!)

We want to hear about any fashion item with a history, a story or a pedigree and why it means something to you. Send your story to and on Friday, June 16th, we will share the most fascinating responses. Let the fashion memoirs begin!


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